The Project concerns the energy upgrade of all the building facilities of the Perigiali complex located east of Kavala, in the Perigiali district (Samou 2), on an area of 10,640m2. The complex includes the following school units: 1st technical high school, 2nd Evening technical high school, Evening High School, Laboratory Center.

The facilities extend up to 4 levels, basement, ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor, which house a multitude of activities such as: Classrooms, offices, changing rooms, indoor gym, workshops, other auxiliary spaces

Our Project entitled "Energy upgrade of the Perigiali school complex of the Municipality of Kavala" includes the following Sub-projects (SP):

SP1: Energy Upgrade Interventions of the Perigiali School Complex in the Municipality of Kavala
It includes the strengthening of the thermal behavior of the outer shell of the buildings, the replacement of selected frames and glazing, the upgrading and management of the heating, cooling and mechanical ventilation system, in combination with a closed geothermal circuit, at a depth of 2m, area 960m2, the installation of a photovoltaic system and the replacement of lighting with new LED type and the measurement and monitoring equipment.

SP2: Provision of Communication and Publicity Services of the Project
Actions are carried out such as the present online platform, the creation of informative material, suitable educational material for young and old, networking actions with the Donor Countries as well as information - days on the news of the Project.

SP3: Provision of ex post Energy Performance Certificate Issuance Services for the Perigiali School Complex of the Municipality of Kavala
It concerns the process of issuing an ex post energy efficiency certificate for the school complex of Perigiali of the Municipality of Kavala after the completion of the interventions.