Familiarity with Energy

Included are educational material on today's possibilities of integrating Renewable Energy and Energy Saving technologies into public and wider public sector buildings.

In each category, the buildings being studied as well as the characteristics of the applied technologies are presented. In detail, the location of the building, its energy characteristics, the RES-ES technologies being studied and the new energy category after the intervention, the theoretical background of these technologies, the cost elements of the interventions and finally the economic evaluation of the overall intervention are mentioned according to the data reported.
Categories include: Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Offices and Sports Venues. The main goal is to inform students, parents, and every interested citizen of Kavala about the possibilities to integrate green energy technologies in their buildings. The basic goal is for the citizens of Kavala to familiarize themselves with the specific technologies, the basic goal of the Project of the Municipality of Kavala in the GR-Energy Program!


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