The GR-Energy Program of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEF) 2014-2021, Thematic Area "Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Energy Efficiency (EA), Energy Security", is co-financed by the EEA-EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) by 75% and from the Public Investment Program of the Hellenic Republic by 25%.

The XM EEA 2014-2021/GR-Energy program contributes to the implementation of demonstration projects of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and improvement of Energy Efficiency (EA) in our country, as a pillar of green development, in the context of our European and national obligations. GR-Energy’s projects will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, the reduction of energy consumption, the increase of energy production from renewable sources, the increase of jobs and the improvement of the dynamics of local communities.

The target groups of the program are the users and visitors of the buildings/infrastructure of the public and wider public sector. The results of the Program work spectacularly, aiming to increase the number of Energy Efficient buildings and infrastructures in Greece.

The main purpose of the "GR - Energy" program is to improve Energy Efficiency. Specifically, the "GR - Energy" projects will contribute to:
  • in reducing CO2 emissions,
  • in reducing energy consumption,
  • in increasing the production of energy from Renewable Energy Sources (RES),
  • in increasing jobs and
  • in improving the dynamics of local communities.
The Program will support all three pillars of sustainability, namely the economic, social and environmental pillars, thereby increasing the general well-being of the local communities in which the intervention buildings/infrastructures are part.

All selected Actions will strengthen the local economy by providing employment in local markets.

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